Selected for a 2023 Schwarzman Scholarship, a fully-funded one-year Master of Management Science in Global Affairs at Tsinghua University modeled after the Rhodes Scholarship.

Writing Tsinghua master's thesis on the challenges and opportunities between SpaceX and Beijing, focusing on the geopolitics of Starlink and LEO collision avoidance.

Interested in the U.S.-China geopolitics of stratospheric aerosol injection (SAI), a form of solar geoengineering which uses high-altitude jets to recreate the global cooling effects of stratovolcanic eruptions for climate stabilization.

Trying to help accelerate the scaling of direct air capture (DAC) carbon removal technologies in China.

Researching conditions for negotiating the coordination of controlling increasingly-general AI between Alphabet/Microsoft & 中国人民解放军军事科学院.

Admitted to Harvard College at age 16 during junior year of high school, graduating with my BA and MA in 4 years focused on foreign policy and technology policy as part of the inaugural group of concurrent master's students. BA thesis on U.S.-China x-risk diplomacy advised by Graham Allison. Internships with Carnegie China and incumbent White House U.S. National Security Council Director for China Rush Doshi at Brookings.

As Co-Founder & President of the Harvard Undergraduate Foreign Policy Initiative, I was honored to have led our team to:
  • Establish the Harvard Undergraduate International Relations Scholars Program with Henry Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, Steve Schwarzman, John Brennan, Robert O’Brien, Leon Panetta, and Tamir Pardo among 150 guests teaching 615 students across 4 days.
  • Host conversations with Kent Walker, David Petraeus, John Bolton, Robert Gates, Wendy Sherman, H. R. McMaster, Nicholas Burns, Steve Hadley, William McRaven, Jared Cohen, Ben Rhodes, Amos Yadlin, Chad Wolf, and Erik Prince.
  • Oversee hundreds of Harvard undergrads in geopolitical research for more than 50 U.S. government agencies, foreign governments, and tech giants that include the Office of the Secretary of Defense, White House National Security Council staff, U.S. Space Force, and Meta.

Harvard graduate thesis on Western (Tesla) and Chinese (State Grid) approaches to energy intermittency recognized as the top thesis in Regional Studies—East Asia in 2022. Thesis advisor and U.S. Ambassador to China Nicholas Burns commented: "John is the most impressive student I have taught in his understanding of China." Previously built 3D networks visualizing China's diplomatic elite for Ambassador Burns.

Completed a special project for Henry Kissinger mapping his globe-spanning negotiations: “You are the very first to use technology to render me a great kindness. It is a delightful resource for students and scholars of American foreign policy. I am amazed and grateful.” Subsequently recognized by Secretary Mike Pompeo for efforts at the U.S. Department of State's National Museum of American Diplomacy to geovisualize American diplomacy.

Emcee our annual Ivy League Chinese Spring Festival Gala.